Fact File

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Fact File

The choice of firearm is largely up to the client, however we do recommend a .270 as the minimum, ideally a .30 caliber. As the average shot is less than 100m in the bushveld for most plains game. For larger animals like Eland and sable antelope, we recommend a .300 caliber as a minimum and a .375H&H as ideal. For big game such as elephant and buffalo the .375H&H is the legal minimum caliber allowed. We recommend premium grade ammunition always! (e.g. Barnes TSX or Swift A Frame Bullets) Bring sufficient ammunition that your weight allowance enables you to.(rifle cleaning equipment and a soft case can also be brought) No .22 or self loading firearms are allowed.

Rifles and shotguns can be hired at $80 per day. Temporary Import Firearm permits are acquired on arrival at O.R International Airport on arrival. This should be arranged prior to arrival. We can put you in touch with an agent to arrange this for you.

The Waterberg lies just south of the tropic of Capricorn. Our winter temperatures during the day are fairly mild, and dry, however as the sun drops so the temp drops radically and evenings can get very cold. (The altitude is 4500 foot above sea level) There is a chance of light rain in February and March and again in October and November (Light waterproof is useful). We recommend, olive green, dark grey or brown clothing, including a light windbreaker for day time, and warm clothes including a thick warm jacket/Fleece for the evenings. Boots/ shoes should be comfortable and well worn-in. Hats/caps in olive green or brown are recommended for protection from the sun. It is important to note that laundry is done on a daily basis so only three sets of clothing are necessary. Other useful items of importance are; binoculars, reliable digital camera (good zoom is useful), and sun block.

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