Bird Shooting

Bird Shooting Bird Shooting Wing Shooting Wing Shooting
Bird Shooting Bird Shooting Wing Shooting

Bird Shooting

Waterberg Wilderness Safaris offers a wide range of rough bird shooting (hunting). The main species of wild birds that we shoot are guinea fowl and francolin .These wily birds are offered in the form of driven shoots, mixed with walk ups with dogs and beaters. Ideally four to six guns make an effective gun- line. The guinea fowl are an exciting bird to shoot and many rate it as a faster flying bird than its cousin, the pheasant!

A day's shoot starts early with the birds generally foraging in open fields of planted cereal crops. The gun line is placed between the birds and their favored cover. The birds are flushed over the guns, after which the guns walk in line through the cover, resulting in flushed birds breaking out at all angles. The shooting is fun and active, and after a good day in the field, the guns enjoy a warm cozy lodge. Guinea fowl shoots are conducted May through to the end of August. A couple of days shooting are often a welcome change during a plains game or Big game safari.

Rock pigeons, shot along a flight line can offer some of the most sporting birds in Africa. Generally flying into sunflower fields they offer shooting some consider very similar to grouse. They often offer low, jinking targets coming into the fields, and later in the day fly back to the roost at great height, calling for a completely different type of shot. Ideal time for them is late April through May as the sunflowers ripen and are harvested. Later in the season there are often more ring-necked doves flying into crop residues and are great fun.

Bird Shooting Wing Shooting